Engage suppliers on climate

Suppliers are the largest source of corporate greenhouse gas emissions. EarthScope's software platform lets you engage with your suppliers to understand emissions sources and meet reduction targets.

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photo 1523741543316_beb7fc7023d8

Understand where your suppliers stand

Most companies are just beginning to understand Scope 3 GHG emissions from their supply chain

EarthScope's SaaS tool helps you reach out to a large number of suppliers in an automated way and organize their responses. Understand which suppliers have policies and targets already in place and which need a boost to get started measuring emissions.

Meet coming regulatory rules

The SEC is expected to finalize rules on Scope 3 reporting

Publicly traded companies will be required to begin reporting Scope 3 emissions soon. EarthScope's platform helps you understand emissions from suppliers so you can meet Scope 3 reporting requirements.

Measure emissions

EarthScope's helps you measure supplier GHG. Our Saas tool walks suppliers through detailed questionnaires to help them get assessments of where their current emissions stand and the largest contributors.

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Reduce emissions

We help suppliers identify ways to reduce emissions. Our AI and in-house team can analyze suppliers businesses based on survey questions, accounting records, and utilities data to help them identify steps that can be taken to cut emissions.

Align suppliers with your targets

Meeting Scope 3 targets will require cooperation from the supply chain. We help you work with your suppliers to set reduction targets and formulate a plan to achieve them. EarthScope measures key KPIs along the way to track how suppliers are doing.

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A partner in the journey to net zero

Our mission is to help companies decarbonize and achieve regenerative sustainability

Base on the latest science

Rigorous science is behind what we do

EarthScope's research team looks the most recent science to determine how to measure and reduce emissions.

Consistent with the carbon accounting

EarthScope's Saas platform is consistent with the GHG Protocol, the leading climate reporting standard.

Supports a variety of standards

EarthScope can help you with CDP reports, TCFD reports, SBTi targets, and more.

Meet our members of our team

Shaumo S_Edit
Shaumo S_Edit

“For most companies, the first 10% of sustainability improvements are easy wins - things you can do right now.“

Neil Saduka, Climate Science
Employee Image2_7cdf2dbc73
Employee Image2_7cdf2dbc73

“We're building an intuitive interface that can help distill down complex sustainability issues. “

Luca Antunes, Dir of Product
Employee Image3_360671ab14
Employee Image3_360671ab14

“It's really encouraging to see how many companies have started to focus on sustainability with good results in the last few years. “

William Stith, U/X Design
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